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Skins TRI 400 Top Sleeveless - Triathlon für He...
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Quick Overview More oxygen, unfair advantage Dynamic gradient compression increases oxygen-rich blood delivery to muscles and gives you more power and endurance Glide through the water Sleek heat and pressure treated TRI400 fabric minimises drag Unrestricted movement Thanks to a Memory MX Triweb panel down the spine and around the obliques Detailed description Wasting valuable seconds during transition isn´t an option, so pull on a SKINS TRI400 men´s sleeveless top and push on into the next stage. Dynamic gradient compression helps accelerate your blood flow to get more oxygen to your active muscles. Increased circulation helps reduce lactic acid build-up – so you can compete hard from start to finish to smash your previous PB. Based on 400 key fitting points, the SKINS TRI400 range is cut for swimming, cycling and running comfort. Strategically placed panels of TRI400 fabric minimise drag and aid performance in the water. 80% Polyester / 20% Elastan

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Going Long
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´´Going Long´´ is the most comprehensive guide to racing long-course triathlons ever written. Combining science with personal experience, Friel and Byrn prepare every triathlete, from the working age-grouper to the podium contender, for success in triathlon´s ultimate endurance event. Sport-specific chapters outline training for each triathlon discipline and describe drills to improve form and efficiency. A newly expanded section on training the mind explores the all-important psychological aspects of racing, including goal-setting and visualisation. A detailed appendix includes key training sessions, workout examples, and strength training progressions. ´´Going Long´´ has long been the best-selling book on the subject of training for the long course. With expanded content and a new, two-colour format, this second edition is once again the premier sourcebook for triathletes who are serious about succeeding in the long-course distance.

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