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Julia Korb von Star Mela
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Made from recycled Hibiscus straw the sunny Jula basket is detailed with rows multi coloured beads and thread front and back. Finished with pom pom tassel, it’s a perfect for throwing in beach towels and sun essentials. Colour: Multi Height: 30cm Width: 37cm Depth: 17cm Handle Drop: 20cm

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Diary of a Radical Cancer Warrior: Fighting Can...
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The war on cancer in one soldier´s own words. When American saxophonist and social activist Fred Ho was diagnosed with stage 3b colo-rectal cancer in 2006 he underwent immediate surgery to remove the tumor and began preparing for chemotherapy. Within days his friends mobilized to arrange grocery deliveries, transport, companionship, and housekeeping duties - they called themselves ´´Warriors for Fred”. Fred chose to write his astonishing cancer memoir as a diary, acknowledging that all the greatest warriors from Sun Tzu to swordsman Murasashi to Bruce Lee wrote daily diaries because warfare against a most formidable enemy will be won, ultimately, on the philosophical level. With incredibly detailed entries, Fred talks frankly about his battle - his meticulous research, his various treatments, his successes, and his failures. Together, he and his loved ones discuss plans for future artistic projects: a new opera on Antony and Cleopatra, a project with a native Alaskan totem carver, and an underwater ballet for synchronized swimmers. He learns to find joy in the simple things: the beauty of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a fresh pork bun, or a night of Battlestar Galactica on DVD. Above all, we learn what it means to truly live in the present - through Fred’s unflinching description of the effects of colon cancer - and about his search not just for ´´a cure” in a medical sense, but for true healing. For Fred, this includes understanding the way of the warrior - one who fights for beauty, justice, health, equity, and sustainability. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Peter Altschuler. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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