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The Gestapo: The Myth and Reality of Hitler´s S...
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Named as a 2016 Book of the Year by the Spectator.A Daily Telegraph ´Book of the Week´ (August 2015) Longlisted for 2016 PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize.Ranked in 100 Best Books of 2015 in the Daily Telegraph. Professor Frank McDonough is one of the leading scholars and most popular writers on the history of Nazi Germany. His work has been described as ´modern history writing at its very best...Ground-breaking, fascinating, occasionally deeply revisionist´ by renowned historian Andrew Roberts. Drawing on a detailed examination of previously unpublished Gestapo case files, this audiobook relates the fascinating, vivid and disturbing accounts of a cross-section of ordinary and extraordinary people who opposed the Nazi regime. It also tells the equally disturbing stories of their friends, neighbours, colleagues and even relatives who were often drawn into the Gestapo´s web of intrigue. The audiobook reveals, too, the cold-blooded and efficient methods of the Gestapo officers. This audiobook will also show that the Gestapo lacked the manpower and resources to spy on everyone, as it was reliant on tip offs from the general public. Yet this did not mean the Gestapo was a weak or inefficient instrument of Nazi terror. On the contrary, it ruthlessly and efficiently targeted its officers against clearly defined political and racial ´enemies of the people´. The Gestapo will provide a chilling new doorway into the everyday life of the Third Reich and give powerful testimony from the victims of Nazi terror and poignant life stories of those who opposed Hitler´s regime while challenging popular myths about the Gestapo. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Paul McGann. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Conquerors: How Portugal Forged the First Globa...
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In Conquerors, New York Times bestselling author Roger Crowley gives us the epic story of the emergence of Portugal, a small, poor nation that enjoyed a century of maritime supremacy thanks to the daring and navigational skill of its explorers-a tactical advantage no other country could match. Portugal´s discovery of a sea route to India, campaign of imperial conquest over Muslim rulers, and domination of the spice trade would forever disrupt the Mediterranean and build the first global economy. Crowley relies on letters and eyewitness testimony to tell the story of tiny Portugal´s rapid and breathtaking rise to power. Conquerors reveals the Império Português in all of its splendor and ferocity, bringing to life the personalities of the enterprising and fanatical house of Aviz. Figures such as King Manuel ´´the Fortunate,´´ João II ´´the Perfect Prince,´´ marauding governor Afonso de Albuquerque, and explorer Vasco da Gama juggled their private ambitions and the public aims of the empire, often suffering astonishing losses in pursuit of a global fortune. Also central to the story of Portugal´s ascent was its drive to eradicate Islamic culture and establish a Christian empire in the Indian Ocean. Portuguese explorers pushed deep into the African continent in search of the mythical Christian king Prester John, and they ruthlessly besieged Indian port cities in their attempts to monopolize trade. The discovery of a route to India around the horn of Africa was not only a brilliant breakthrough in navigation but heralded a complete upset of the world order. For the next century, no European empire was more ambitious, no rulers more rapacious than the kings of Portugal. In the process they created the first long-range maritime empire and set in motion the forces of globalization that now shape our world. At Crowley´s hand, the complete story of the Portuguese empire and the human cost of its ambition can finally be told. Praise for Conquerors ´´Excellent . . . Crowley´s interpretations are nuanced and fair.´´-The Christian Science Monitor ´´In a riveting narrative, Crowley chronicles Portugal´s horrifically violent trajectory from ´impoverished, marginal´ nation to European power, vying with Spain and Venice to dominate the spice trade.´´-Kirkus Reviews (starred review) ´´Brings to life the Portuguese explorers . . . perfect for anyone who likes a high seas tale.´´-Publishers Weekly ´´Readers of Crowley´s previous books will not be disappointed by this exciting tale of sea battles, land campaigns and shipwrecks. . . . Crowley makes a good case for reclaiming Portugal´s significance as forger of the first global empire.´´-The Daily Telegraph ´´Crowley has shown a rare gift for combining compelling narrative with lightly worn academic thoroughness as well as for balancing the human with the geopolitical-qualities on display here. The story he has to tell may be a thrilling one but not every historian could tell it so thrillingly.´´-Michael Prodger, Financial Times ´´A fast-moving and highly readable narrative . . . [Crowley´s] detailed reconstruction of events is based on a close reading of the works of the chroniclers, notably Barros and Correa, whose accounts were written in the tradition of the chronicles of chivalry.´´-History Today

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