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Le Couvent Des Minimes Absolute Botanical Colog...
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Top Notes: Lemon & Mint Essences. Heart Note: Verbena Absolute. Base Note: Guaiac Wood Essence. Veil your body in the elegant hues of the Le Couvent Des Minimes Absolute Botanical Colognes Aqua Millefolia. Drawing inspiration from the Gardens of Babylon, the accord captures the innocence of a mystical garden, letting the senses wander through blooming bushes and scenes of tranquillity. An armful of wild herbs, the fragrance interprets the calming feeling of cool summer rain, dousing the body with a sense of relief. Sparkling and citrus, the opening seamlessly blends the invigorating note of Lemon with the potent fragrance of Mint. Seducing the senses and enchanting the mind, this uplifting accord captures the sheer wonder of the natural world. Diving into the majestic heart of Verbena Absolute, the fragrance evokes a tender green landscape, adding depth to the scent with its fresh, crisp and pure notes. Finally, the Guaiac Wood Essence emerges, fragrant and potent, complicating the cologne with an air of mystery. Housed in a sleek glass bottle, detailed with signature branding and a black cap. Vegan. 86 % of ingredients of natural origin. Designed in France.

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