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A detailed analysis of Porsche AG and its indus...
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A detailed analysis of Porsche AG and its industry segment:1. Auflage Angela Amor

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Summary, Analysis, and Review of Amor Towles´ A...
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Please note: This is a key takeaways and analysis of the book and not the original book. Start Publishing Notes´ Summary, Analysis, and Review of Amor Towles´s A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel, includes a summary of the book, review, analysis & key takeaways, and a detailed ´´About the Author´´ section. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, is a novel about Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov, a Russian aristocrat who is condemned by Communists to spend the rest of his life confined in the Metropol, the capital´s most glamorous hotel. The story opens on his trial in 1922, where he´s shown leniency as a reward for having written a revolutionary poem that pre-dated the Russian Revolution. The only catch? If Rostov ever leaves the hotel, he will be executed. The novel unfolds over the course of the 32 years that Rostov spends under house arrest. The first thing to know about Count Rostov, is that he didn´t write the poem, his best friend Mishka did. The pair conspired to publish it under Rostov´s name because, at the time, Mishka - who was not an aristocrat like Rostov - would have been murdered by the czar´s regime for dissonance. Rostov, in sharp contrast, was then a member of the protected class. By the time the revolution began in 1918, Rostov was living in Paris. In the face of certain danger, he returned to Russia to help his grandmother shutter her estate. When that task was complete, he took up residence in one of the Metropol´s finest suites. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Michael Guilboe. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Schott Argentinian Tango And Folk Tunes For Vio...
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41 pieces including tangos, milongas, chamames, zambas and chacarerasAusgabe mit CD - +CD - violin - English - German - FrenchA beautiful and wide-ranging collection of 41 great tunes from all over Argentina. This collection features tangos, milongas, chamamés, chacareras, zambas and gatos as well as earlier styles and new compositions. Many pieces are presented as duets and there is the opportunity for the solo violinist to play along with the guitar or bandoneón and second violin accompaniment on the MP3 backing tracks. Summaries of the individual tunes and detailed notes on the music of Argentina enable you to get the best out of this exciting and colourful music. A CD of all pieces played by Ros Stephen accompanies the publication, which is suitable for grade 3 and above. MP3 play-along tracks can be downloaded from the Schott Music website.´´I would recommend this volume to anyone interested in exploring traditional music.” (Sarah Kekus (Chair National Association of Music Educators [NAME] 2010-11)´´This is a really appealing book, and great value for money.” (The Strad)´´Additionally, all pieces are expertly played by violinist Stephen. Her extensive notes on the different styles and tunes enable one to get the best out of this colourful and exciting music.” (Australian Strings Association Journal, Stringendo)Contenu - Por Una Cabeza - El Choclo - El Entrerriano - Comme Il Faut - El Marne - Retintin - Hasta El Dia Del Regresso - El Petirrojo - El Portenito - Milonga Rulito - Milonga Pampeana - Suerte Negra - Mas O Menos - Belgique - La Alabanza - El Rio Dulce - El Violin Del Gaucho - Chacarerea De Nuestros Adios - La Flor Del Chanar - La Pollana - Aguara Pope - Maria Pecuri - Chammame del Jacaranda - Naipi y Taroba - El Urutau - El Coati - Manchay Puito - Gato Cordobes - Gato Correntino - Los Amores - Viva Jujuy - El Cuando - La Arunguita - El Palito - El Escondido - La Remesura - Zamba de Vargas - Amame Mucho - La Familiar - Cuando La Luna Nace - La Gallina Alegre

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